HCL Technologies is an IT company, which helps global enterprises transform their businesses
through Digital Technology transformation. It primarily focuses on providing an integrated
portfolio of services in the areas of Applications, Infrastructure, leveraging DRYiCETM
Autonomics to transform clients’ business and IT landscape. It also functions on experience –
centric and outcome integrated offerings of Digital & Analytics, IoT works, Cloud Native Service
and Cyber security.
On 19 th June 2019, HCL Technologies (HCL) and Cricket Australia (CA) announced a multi- year
partnership, with HCL being chosen as Digital Technology partner of CA. The collaboration will
help CA to elevate and improve the digital experience to cricket fans, players, partners around
the world.
Cricket Australia is connecting with fans and participants currently through the stories and live
match data on cricket.com.au. HCL association will help CA to make the experience better for
fans and will help to provide a structural upgrade to the online media sports consumption. CA
will be engineered a digital core ecosystem through a composable platform that will be
modular, auto-scalable, data driven and experience-centric, integrating multiple industry
standard products and services to enhance the experience for fans and participants.
The four important pillars that HCL will dedicate their services on are the following: –
Fans – From new to the devoted, the season ticket holder to the digital native, from one coast to
the another. All the different fans dedication for Australian cricket will be monitored and scaled
for making cricket a better experience in future
Community – Different community of people and participants who help cricket thrive like
coaches, umpires, clubs and associations, facility providers and other enablers of the game will
be provided with better digital solutions. This will contribute to the betterment of sports
ecosystem in Australia
Players – From backyard cricket to professionals will be ensured with a data driven platform so
that it can help them to enhance their game
Partners – From grassroot to a game, all the ecosystem can be put into a digital structure which
will eventually help organizations to support and amplify the sport within the nation
This entire plan will upgrade the ecosystem of cricket in Australia and also will help them to
stay on top of the ladder in terms of innovation and technology in the field of sports.