Just Upload The Game Video And Analyse Your Players

Technology plays an important role in every aspect of our lives; it’s no different in sports. More and more companies are coming up in the field of sports analytics with a new feature added by each of them. Analytics for sports a browser based app is one such venture that was launched early last year. The app allows football players, coaches, clubs of all kinds to develop match day performance by using stats and video based analysis. Players are able to work on individual attributes such as tactical, physical, psychological, mental and technical skills by the help of video analysis. The app provides the users the convenience of analysing the past games as well as all they need to do is upload the video.

Founded by Siddharth Pandit in 2018, Analytics for sports has its headquarters in London and Mumbai. ‘Browser based App’ allows users to upload videos from any vorner of the world. The company claims that coaches are able to use the platform for career based opportunities and to also develop an understanding of his or her teams’ performance. Other features of the platform include data driven ranking system, ability for users to socialise, giving players the chance to get scouted by semi pro or pro clubs based on their performance every week. Players will be selected based on their performance every week and over time be selected for a showcase game. While talking to bizbehindsports, Siddharth says ” Our aim is to develop a online community of footballing stakeholders around the world where they can interact and share different value depending on their needs. We want to make it easier for players to be identified from different parts of India and across the world by giving them a chance to showcase their game with the help of performance data”.

 What do users need to do? 

1) Just sign up and upload your game footage. 

2) Company’s European and UK based analysts will analyse your game. 

3) The output comes out in the form of stats, with over 20 KPIs linked to the video gallery. 

Who else can use the platform? 

The platform can be used by scouts, analysts, director of football, physios and by many others. It also serves as a platform that can be used by football leagues of all kinds to track performance data every season.

And yes! Of course its a free app for the users.

Company Website: https://afs.football