Global Sport Injury Conclave (GSIC) 2020 on 18th January 2020 at Bangalore.

GSIC 2020 is a One-day Conference providing perfect platform for the interaction amongst Sports Orthopaedic Doctors, Sports Injury Experts, Nutritionists, Physiotherapists, Trainers from all across the globe and other renowned people from Sports Fraternity. It will be attended by Sports Medicine and Fitness Professional and others. We also have an esteemed advisory board where we have brought together, luminaries from different spheres & geographies, who are an ASSET to the Conclave  

• Jonty Rhodes (South Africa)– “Fielding patterns and Injuries on a prevention mode”
• Suniel Shetty (India) – “Fitness & Wellness”
• Ramji Srinivasan (India) – TRAINER – “Synergy between S&C, Physio and the Support Staffs in view of Long-term athlete development”
• Gerhard Mostert (England) – PHYSIO – “Common injuries in fast bowling, working in professional sport, lumbar spine stress fractures in fast bowlers”
• Dr Ali Irani (India) – PHYSIO “Recent Trends in Sports Medicine”
• Tero Jarvinen (Finland) – HIP AND GROIN “Differential Diagnosis of Groin pain in Athletes”
• Padma Shri Charles Borromeo OLY (INDIA) – ATHLETE – “How to over come from the Injury, Mental Strength Vs Physical Strength”
• Rajat Bhatia (India) – HUMAN BIO MECHANICS – “Role of Human Bio Mechanics in the injuries to top Athletes, especially Cricketers”
• Dr Divya Prakash (England) – KNEE “Persisting pain in radiologically normal Knees” AND “Panel Discussion”
• Dr Naveen Talwar (India) – ELBOW “Painful Elbow – It’s not only Tennis Elbow!”
• Dr Anil Sood (India) – UPPER LIMB “Shoulder Injuries in the Throwing Athlete” AND “Strategies for Injury Prediction & Prevention in Sports”
• Dr Satbir Dagar (India) – ANABOLIC STEROIDS “Anabolic Steroids abuse in Fitness and Sports”
• Dr Onkar Bilgi (India) – AYURVEDA “Ayurveda for Injury Management and performance enhancement”
• Swati Bathwal (Australia) – DIETITIAN – “Sports performance and supplements”
• Varun Shivdasani (England) – NUTRITIONIST – “Macronutrients, their modulation and their relevance to performance and injury prevention on Sport”

organised by Dr Dayal Foundation (DDF)

Registration Fee (Per Participant): INR 6,000 + INR 1080 (GST) Total – INR 7,080.


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