Football Ticket for a Cause

Gokulam Kerala and the Indian football network hold hands to loan their help to the late footballer Dhanarajan Radhakrishnan, who spent away a month ago while playing in Malapuram’s Sevens football competition. From I-League to the ISL, groups and players have held hands to loan their help to the late footballer Dhanarajan Radhakrishnan’s family.

Gokulam Technical Director Bino George, who has known Dhanarajan , said VC Praveen proposed to help the family by giving over ticket incomes to his family,” GKFC family, we can support his better half and kids. I likewise demand every one of the fans to go to the arena and be a piece of the reason.”

Gokulam has already additionally been known to be a piece of social causes, and had made matchday tickets free for all ladies, so as to help advance the game. In any case, CEO Dr Ashok Kumar declared that the tickets for the game against Churchill Brothers won’t be free for ladies, as the returns are set to go to the deprived family.

We believe we have a duty to help the bereaved family. Football is not just a game as it has the power of bringing people together,” said Dr Ashok. “So we decided to hand over the money collected from ticket sales to the family. There won’t be any complimentary tickets for the match and also it won’t be free entry for women.”

A total of  Rs5,60,350 was given to the family of Dhanrajan


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