Racketware looks to venture into India

Racketware, the U.K. based sportstech company that has developed motion sensor device for squash, is ready to set its foot in India. A few top Indian squash players are already using the sensor and with squash being at an all-time high in India, Shaurya Arun, the marketing manager at Racketware believes this to be the perfect time to venture into the lucrative Indian market and utilise the company’s first mover advantage. 

The electronic motion sensor has been created by Dr. Paul Mellor, a squash player himself, since he felt the need for a product that can analyse a player’s actions and provide insights on their swing and on-court performance. He has utilised motion-sensing technology and artificial intelligence to create the sensors that can track metrics that are hard to capture otherwise by the human eye such as impact speed, impact timing, impact cut angle, shot power and effort level to name a few. The sensors provide the players with processed data and actionable insights which provides this technology a distinct advantage over traditional video analysis, where one has to sit and watch the entire length of the recorded video to draw insights and identify improvement areas. The ease of use of the sensors make it suitable for players of all proficiency levels who can use it understand their game better.

The sensor comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty and fits snugly right at the end of the racket handle. It is small, lightweight, durable, splash proof, has a 10-hour battery life and a storage capacity of 10 years’ worth of data, if someone were to play every day. The sensor records every movement of the racket in real-time using motion tracking AI technology and sends information to a mobile app that processes this data and provides instant performance feedback. This tactical and technical feedback can be utilised by players to analyse and understand their game and refine their technique to improve their performance. The mobile app is available both for Android and iOS operating systems and receives regular updates with new features.  

“Racketware is the only company that makes these sensors for squash. We have a huge market to work with, amongst which India is one of our top markets”; says Shaurya Arun, Marketing Manager of Racketware  

This innovative product has all the potential to disrupt and democratise the sport performance analysis space and its detailed information be viewed at https://www.racketware.co.uk/. An interview of Dr. Mellor, the founder, talking in detail about the product can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uM0_btRmEu8

Written- Anubhav Sapra


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