Gautam Gambhir invests in healthtech startup FYI Health

FYI Health, a community health monitoring solution exclusively designed for enterprise use, was launched in India. It is backed by former Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir. The platform uses contact tracing, daily health check-in for employees, employers and guests to cope with coronavirus. The company works on “herd intelligence” to make a safe work environment for organizations, as said by the company. The startup uses a Bluetooth technology-based contact tracing solution, which works using a phone device of every person whose health is being tracked, it added. 

FYI Health is a product of the parent company Stark Resilient. A health dashboard is provided which documents the health list which lets the employees make faster decisions and actions related to potential cases and those who are prone to transmission. Gambhir’s investment comes from his devotion to support the community, the company’s statement said, “testing and tracing are vital measures in helping reduce the virus spreading”.

 The company also stated that user and data privacy is accomplished by guaranteeing that all client information is stored locally on the user’s cell phone and is automatically erased at regular intervals after every 21 days. Only on account of an affirmed case showing COVID-19 symptoms, the contact information made accessible to the administration of the organisation.

As of now, the app is only available for Android users. It will be made accessible to iOS users soon. FYI Health is available on a subscription-based model. It is available to be distributed with an annual licence fee varying from Rs 64,000 to Rs 128,000 based on the number of employees in an organization.

“With FYI Health, companies can build a health index for their organisation that puts them in the driver’s seat by being aware of any potential health safety concerns in real time and can take action with both isolating the user and mapping out their contact history, when the need arises.” Yash Raj Gupta, Founder and CEO, FYI Health, said.

Currently the company targets on all industries that require masses working together, like  hotels, factories, corporate offices, educational institutions and so on. The company has already retained clients such as the Radisson Hotel in Dwarka, Delhi, Ramjas School and Lilawati Senior Secondary School.


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