CoachDirect aims to nurture fitness and wellness at grassroots level

CoachDirect is a sports, wellness and life coaching company that was founded by Veer Varma M in 2011. They focus on balancing the fast paced lives of people by engaging them in sports and wellness programmes. It is located in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai.

They provide an array of services like beginner, intermediate and advanced level training in various sports and wellness activities. They provide coaching in badminton, football, cricket, martial arts, chess, yoga and so on. The company prides itself in providing services through well-qualified and verified coaches. CoachDirect offers web and Android apps to its customers to provide transparency around its coaching plans, monthly progress reports, periodic assessments, etc.

Coming to mental fitness, programmes such as stress management, diet sutra, and mindfulness meditation are available for individuals as well as organizations. They offer 1-on-1 personal coaching with professional life coaches for mentoring. They also handle event management where they conduct tournaments in schools, organizations and communities to provide people with experience of sports.

People can login on the web app and do self assessment, check details of fee payment, explore coaching plans. According to CoachDirect, 1000+ people have been using the web app.  

“CoachDirect has worked with over 50 schools and numerous gate communities, colleges as well as clubs and academies. We have had over 10,000 clients so far.” according to the startup. One of the main motives of CoachDirect is also to provide a platform for sportspeople who are passionate about this and want to make an earning out of this career.   Talking about how the pandemic has affected the startup and how they are coping with it, Veer Varma M said, “We haven’t been able to do any sports coaching as of now because the lockdown restricts physical activities outside. But, we are planning to start online sessions soon for our partner schools. We acknowledge that people will only be slowly coming out to play sports even though the lockdown ends. We have to come up with new strategies to deal with the on-going situation. We also have enlarged CoachDirect’s vision to include emotional health and not just physical health in the new normal. It is paramount to take care of self from all aspects – mind, body and soul

During these times, when everything has come to a halt, fitness startups are suffering or have pivoted towards digitalisation to adapt to the conditions now. It will be interesting to see from here onwards, how the fitness industry is going to adjust to the new normal. To know more about their sports events and wellness offerings visit the website

Written by Swetlana Anand


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