Edisn.ai partners with Yokohama FC Japan

Sports is big business and fan engagement is changing the game in the digital world. This has led to a spurt in the growth of sports technology market and sports tech startups. Edisn.ai is one such startup founded in 2018 by Ashok Karanth and co- founded by Akshay Chandrasekhar . The Bangalore-based company has come a long way and is expanding globally with the aim of building fan engagement, the most recent being its partnership with Japanese football club Yokohama FC. Edisn.ai has announced its first project in Japan with the club who is currently participating in the J1 league 2020 season. Edisn.ai will be using their AI computer vision platform to make highlight videos of the Yokohama FC home games interactive and monetizable.

Edisn.ai is an AI powered fan engagement platform with state-of-the-art player recognition and contextual content delivery. It powers fan engagement and delivers interactive and personalized content to the viewers. Their platform will recognize the Yokohama FC players in the highlights video and make them clickable. Fans will be able to view the stats and bios of the players by just clicking on them, an interesting concept to make the videos more interactive. And that’s just not it, fans will be able to buy merchandises and see the social media posts by the club or the players on the official Yokohama FC website.

Having previously  worked with Comcast, NBC, Eleven Sports and Yokohama FC for sports including the NFL, NBA, baseball and soccer, edisn.ai has also entered into an arrangement with the sports business unit of CBC Corp to expand into Japan with clubs, leagues and broadcasters in Japan. CBC Corp is a hybrid trading manufacturing company which handles a wide range of products of chemicals, electronic materials, automobile-related product, pharmaceutical intermediates, agrochemicals, lenses and video surveillance products, healthy functional foods, fashion, etc. With the mission of solving social issues with the power of sports in the sports business unit, CBC Co. Ltd created a new business model with an attempt to provide supporters and fans who cannot visit the stadium due to Coronal Evil with a new watching experience. Exciting times ahead!

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The highlight videos of the games will help fans enable player recognition, content viewing, get tickets to live games, buy merchandise and much more. Revolutionizing sports with technology, aren’t they? With the global sports technology market set to grow to $31.1 billion by 2024, the sports tech startup is eyeing the global market already.

According to CEO Ashok Karanth, “Fan engagement has reached another level. Remember, not all fans make it to the stadium but everyone is consuming content on mobile.” Having himself worked in the sports industry for so long with sports stars and brands, Ashok came up with this idea to make fan engagement even more exciting. Sports without fans is like a body without soul.

While edisn.ai started off with sports as the initial use case for our technology, the AI tech platform that they have built can be leveraged across all kinds of videos like entertainment and news.

Written by Abhinav Mishra


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