Let’sGolf: Aiding develop the sport

The Indian Sports industry is a sleeping giant dominated by only a few sports. If any random person is asked today to name the top 5 sports where India triumphs regularly and has established a name for itself, they will probably come up with some predictable names. Cricket, Hockey, Kabaddi, Badminton and Football might come up more regularly than others. However, if asked to name the top 10 or 15 sports, confused faces might be a common sight. Why is it so? There are games in which we see the participation of Indian athletes but don’t see them go all the way. One such sport is Golf.

Who is the No.1 Indian golfer either male or female? If a survey of, say, 100 people is conducted and asked to answer this question, the success rate might not be encouraging. Diksha Dagar, a 19-year old, is the No.1 female Indian golfer. Furthermore, she is a differently-abled person with a hearing problem.

Today, India is years behind in the game of golf compared to the heavyweights of the sport. Until a few years ago, Indian golfers weren’t known to play at the biggest stage. Today, the situation is better compared to previous years where a select few Indians had played the Majors. However, that is still not enough for a country with a population of 135 crores. Seeking to bridge this gap, some individuals have started coming up with companies focused on a particular sport. ‘LetsGolf’ is one such company.

Sachin Khanna & Ajit Parmar, the Founders of ‘Let’sGolf’, are passionate about the sport of golf. Having played for over two decades, Sachin and Ajit sowed the seed of Let’sGolf more than a year ago with an underlying thought and desire to make golf as accessible as possible for everyone to experience the sport. Let’sGolf is the first of its kind private golf learning and training facility in Andheri, Mumbai. It endeavours to provide a platform for all to experience golf and start their individual golfing journey, whatever their age, background, ability. Sachin Khanna describes the sport as a “Game for Life” and a personality development tool. For India to have a reckoning in the sport of golf in the future, efforts need to be put in.

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Infrastructure is a major issue in the country. A golf course requires at least 110-acres of land. That could be a huge reason why there are not many public golf courses in the country. Let’sGolf is trying to concentrate their efforts into overcoming this problem.

Training and learning facility like ‘Let’sGolf’ can be put up or can be expanded in various cities. A golf training facility doesn’t require acres of land. Moreover, it is believed that golf is such a sport that can be played along with other sports without affecting the performance level in either. Top sportsmen in the world like Sachin Tendulkar, Brian Lara play golf regularly. 

There is a popular notion that Golf is a rich man’s sport. However, Sachin doesn’t agree with that. “Golf is a sport which develops your mental strength as well as makes you a better person”, says Sachin Khanna.

Let’sGolf is trying to expand their reach to institutes and colleges in different parts of the country to give golf the exposure they think it deserves. They are trying to tie-up with like-minded organizations in the country who will give this idea a push. Let’sGolf has their application on the Appstore and Google Playstore where people can connect with the members of this organization. This app teaches the user about the game with proper terminologies and enables the user to book the facility to train and learn at their preferred time.

The coronavirus pandemic has stopped all kinds of sports in the country and has deeply affected their future as well. But golf itself, being a socially distanced sport, should have an easier time tackling this pandemic than many other sports. Therefore, the founders will undoubtedly be looking towards the future with optimism. Harnessing the untapped potential of the sport will also benefit the country in the long run.

Written by Abhinav Mishra


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