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The term ‘All in one’ is not usually associated with sports industry, due to the stature of Indian Sports. It’s difficult to put all sports under one roof. Some might say it’s next to impossible while some others might just laugh over it. ‘SportsApp’ is determined to try. 

Founded in the year 2018 by Shashank Mishra SportsApp is the platform that’s conducive to the needs today of Indian athletes and everyone working in this industry. It is an aggregated application built with the simple idea of providing ease for one sports lover to connect with another. The Noida headquartered company is a professional sports network, providing the ‘Access of Information and Sponsorship’ to budding athletes of the country. If you are a sports fanatic, often you would’ve wondered if there can be a platform that could do everything for you in one go. Now, what is this ‘everything’ we’re talking about?

  • To connect with coaches, athletes, trainers, sports professionals.
  • To ask queries to the sporting veterans and get responses from them.
  • To connect directly with brands for kits, nutrition, apparel and other kinds of sponsorship & collaboration.
  • To get regular updates about sports events happening around you.
  • To receive job offers and search for openings within the sports industry.
  • To instantly connect with senior athletes, sponsors and build your network.
  • To know your market value in accordance with the trends in the market and use your value to negotiate sponsorship deals.

This barrage of features in a single app sounds too good to be true. Therefore, this initiative, taken up at a great scale by the founders, will be looked at closely by every industry, not just sports.

The idea behind SportsApp is to create a portal in which all the stakeholders of the industry can connect in a flash, thereby curbing the information gap and the funding gap. This will help them follow one another on a daily basis, get updates about upcoming events, apply for sponsorship, etc.

The company affirms that it has created a unique financial model that allows players and athletes to know their market value and then allow them to connect with sponsors based on that value. A large population in the country is actively engaged in sports today. This is the ideal time to grow the seed of Indian Sports Industry as a whole with the help of sports technology. Making sports-focused networking easy is a crucial step in this direction.

SportsApp was launched in an event called ‘Aahvaan’, which is a sports festival in Delhi Technological University (DTU). It is one of the biggest sports festivals in North India. The application quickly caught the eye of many and had more than 200 sign-ups. Now their downloads are more than 5000 where more than 3500 athletes, 500+ coaches, 150+ sports academics and 5+ sponsors have got in touch with each other. To name a few clients of SportsApp, Cosco, SteelBird, Wellcure, Alcis sports are now in collaboration with them. 

The idea put forward by SportsApp was earlier tried in India by a few companies like Run Adam, Playin and so on without much luck. However SportsApp is confident to increase the user base to 1 lakh by 2020. In the long run, they plan on having all kinds of sport sponsorship, ground bookings and event registration to be done through SportsApp and strive to make India a better sporting nation.

Written by Abhinav Mishra


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