FitsApp Striving for a fit India

The ‘Fit India Movement’, which was introduced last year, has fast-tracked the importance of fitness among people. Fitness has a completely different definition today than what it was before. The daily routine of the people has a fitness regime now, which wasn’t the case before. And with the current coronavirus pandemic, the realization of being fit is ever so crucial. Every second person now has a fitness plan or a workout routine in place in their 24-hour schedule.

And now when gyms and fitness centres are shut down all over the country to contain the spread of the virus, keeping oneself fit at home is the biggest challenge. ‘FitsApp’ aims to take that challenge head-on and make a name for itself in the process. 

It has been branded as a ‘one-stop platform for all your health and fitness requirements’. It is a mobile application which allows one to book a fitness session at their place for a one-on-one session as well as group sessions. These sessions can be availed in two forms, an online session or an offline one where a fitness trainer will deliver the session at your doorstep. Considering the impact of the coronavirus, all safety measures are undertaken to provide safe fitness sessions at home with 100% health checked fitness trainers.

The Hyderabad based startup has already received heaps of praises from their customers and recognition from others for their methods, techniques and work. And there are results that speak for it.

About the ‘Trainer at home’ fitness session-

  • Location convenience( real-time trainers within 5km radius of your location will be shown in the app)
  • Time flexibility( Anytime between 6:00am and 11:00pm)
  • Certified fitness trainers
  • Customized workout plans for your goals

About the ‘online’ fitness session-

  • Certified expert trainers lessons
  • Workout at any time and anyplace
  • Get real-time support and feedback from your personal trainer

To stay fit is the need of the hour, and FitsApp aims to achieve it for as many people as they can in the country. Not only a fitness app but also a solution for all people’s fitness-related queries. The app also allows the user to locate top rated gyms near them and get a customized diet plan from a certified dietitian. With just a year under operation, FitsApp already has more than 10,000 downloads and an overall customer review of 4.7 out of 5. The application is available on Google PlayStore. A team of more than 1200 certified trainers who’ve covered more than 2400 hours of sessions for more than 5000 clients, Fitsapp has had a positive start which it would be keen to build upon. 

Founder and CEO Syed Imran Mehdi aims big and has a clear vision moving forward. “We want to spread fitness to every corner of India under the Fit India Movement initiated by our Hon’ble Prime Minister. Our motto is to enable a platform where the selection of a fitness trainer, gyms, nutritionist and more fitness services are in the hands of the users”, he said.

Written by Abhinav Mishra


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