Role of Sports Science in Esports

Till late 90s video game was played among teenagers as a recreational activity. But in the last decade there has been a paradigm shift in gaming industry, it has gone through a drastic change right from the quality of games to improved graphics to introduction of Xbox and PlayStation.

The growth of internet and technology worldwide has created direct positive impact in eSports industry. It has grown to massive proportions in recent years and it is considered to be one of the fastest growing sports both in terms of viewership and revenue. With the introduction of eSports federation, competitive games, teams and tournaments, the gamer can earn in millions.

As the demand of the industry is increasing, so as the quality of players. Forget the image of a young gamer sitting bleary-eyed on his couch, eating popcorn and drinking soft drink, doesn’t work these days.  Teams and players have to set specific physical training regimes, and with esports games usually requiring fast reactions and strong mental skills, it’s important to look after yourself as a professional athlete. Gamer have to be fit both Physically & Mentally and that is where the role of Sports Science comes into the picture.

Three major factors which is important to upkeep your game

  1. Diet & Nutrition
  2. Physical Capabilities & Assessment
  3. Mental Toughness

Diet-Nutrition: Professional player in different sports will have different nutritional requirements, the same is applicable to eSports players. Every gamer will have his personal diet and nutritional plans. The type diet one has is critical to optimal your performance during match day. Teams and federations must seek professional assistance to improve the performance and health of their players. It’s time to start setting up good eating habits. 

Physical capabilities & Assessment : Skill training of the majority of eSports professionals consist of investing 6-8 hours every day in front of the computer and during pre-event it goes to 12 hours. Thus, it is important for a player to be physically strong to practice for such long hours every day. For gamers cardiovascular endurance, core strength, eye hand coordination skill, reflexes, shoulder-wrist-finger strength & power is of utmost importance. Scientific physical training (Strength & Conditioning) and quarterly assessment (fitness – Musculoskeletal – Postural) will help teams and players to extend the career and improvement in their performance in various tournaments and events.

Mental Toughness: Like any other sports, psychology plays will have pivotal role in performance enhancement. Among players skills and capabilities are almost similar. what sets apart from a good player and champion is the reaction during an intense games and managing pressure. There is a need to great mental strength to outperform others. Sports psychologist’s intervention will guide player to perform at their highest level. Such conditioning help players to be in optimal emotional state both during practice and at the competition.

Diet-Nutrition, Physical capabilities & assessment and Mental toughness are the key factors that impact and improve the performance but along with the three, one more factor which is important for a player. In order to perform a player must have proper rest and sleep. Poor sleep patterns linked to poor health which will directly affect the performance of players in the long run. Being a gamer it is important to have a healthy sleep.

Thus to conclude, tracking, analyzing, measuring and programming will have great impact on the players. It is one area which is just starting to get explored and will give positive results to the teams who will understand its importance and invest in his team.

This article has been written by

Shashank Shekhar Tapikar
Sports Management Professional with 10 years of experience in Business Operation, Strategic Planning & Sports Development.

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