Sportrecs announces Sarthak Sahai as their International Sales Director

Sports streaming platform Sportrecs has appointed Sarthak Sahai as their International Sales Director. Sarthak was the Sales Director at InStat Sport. Sportrecs opened its door to the world in February of this year, and today, less than 7 months later, they have partnered with over 200 right holders like: NBA, UFC, Euroleague Basketball, VTB United League, KOK fights, Kontinental Hockey League, Portugeese Liga NOS.In a couple of weeks Sportrecs already has partnered with over 10 right holders from India and are set to dominate the sports sector nationwide.

Sarthak’s response to his new role was: “Answering for international sales is a big responsibility and it calls for in-depth understanding of sports business around the world. I worked my way up in InStat from the Regional Head India to the Sales Director. The journey was tough and full of challenges, however, that’s exactly why I enjoy working in this industry. When I was introduced to Sportrecs I almost immediately was convinced that this is where the future is and how I can finally make an impact on the entire industry. As an Indian I am inclined towards building an ecosystem for all sports in India, and ensure that all right holders big or small, have everything they need to market their content better. Nearly all sports in India have developed over the past decade and majority of them have a popular league. However, we are still far from ensuring that all levels of each sport have developed. I want for all sports academies, amateur leagues, state league etc., to be able to live stream, generate highlights, and distribute this content to media outlets internationally, as well as, to make this content available to fans internationally, and generate revenue for themselves.”

Sarthak added, “I am excited to join Sportrecs and strongly believe that the company will soon become the biggest sports streaming platform internationally considering their business model is strong and the team at Sportrecs is highly experienced and motivated. Given my love for India, I am even more excited to bring the Indian sports community on Sportrecs and put the limelight on content being generated in India.”

 “I am happy to welcome Sarthak Sahai to Sportrecs and am certain he will add value to our team. He is a professional and understands the sports business well. Sportrecs is the best solution in market today. We provide our partners with everything necessary for success and overall development, it’s just the matter of ensuring they are aware and can take advantage of the same. With his experience and networking skills, Sarthak is a perfect match for us.”Anatoly Vorontsov, CEO Sportrecs.

Sportrecs is an video platform that connects sport orgnisations with sports enthusiasts


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