Ravi Shastri, Indian cricket team coach turns entrepreneur by launching 23 yards

The 40-year old, manufacturer of personal care products, Ador Multi products is all set to expand their portfolio with an exclusive men’s grooming line hemmed by none other than cricket legend Ravi Shastri. Ravi Shastri’s entrepreneurial venture 23 Yards, will launch 8 personal care and hygiene products for men, made of clean, naturally sourced ingredients.

A growing industry, men’s grooming is witnessing an expanding consumer base, with more men becoming conscious about their personal care and hygiene products. More and more men are exploring products that enhance their experience and presentation. The demand is far beyond the basics now such as soap and aftershave.

Statistically speaking, men’s grooming products in India are growing 2.2 times annually and expected soar to $5.5 billion by 2021.

To throw their hat in the ring, 23 Yards is set to offer a diverse range of clean grooming and hygiene essentials such as beard oils, face wash, body wash, aftershave, deodorant, and hand sanitizer for a 25 to 40 target age group. The brand seeks to set itself apart by the use of specifically and ethically sourced chemical-free/ toxin-free ingredients.

The brand builds on the reverence and poster boy image of Mr. Shastri’s who is not only known for his continued contribution to Indian sports, but also his charisma and evergreen charm. He hopes his brand develops a similar liking amongst young, modern men who like to stay vitalized, fresh, energetic and well-presented. The combination of Ador Multi products expertise and Mr. Shastri’s personal brand could indeed create ripples in the grooming industry.

23 Yards is set to enter the mid-segment market for the still under-tapped, men’s grooming category.

Mr. Shastri says, “As an individual, I am always yearning to learn more and do something new and out of my comfort zone. With 23 Yards, I’m stepping into this ever-evolving world of entrepreneurship and startups. The reason for choosing a men’s grooming line comes from my personal interest in looking and feeling great that eventually enhances the quality of your output whatever you may be doing. As a cricketer, I groom the Indian Cricket team to challenge themselves. I am not here to teach anyone anything new but rather instill the art of success and taking the extra yard.”

Deep Lalvani, Chairperson Ador Multiproduct Ltdadds, “Men’s grooming has come of age and is creating quite a steer by projecting a massive compound annual growth rate of about 45%. We are really excited about joining hands with Mr. Shastri for being able to tap into the mildly touched and uninitiated category. Earlier, the average Indian men were content with the bare minimum in terms of self-grooming, but now there has been a drastic transformation especially among the younger generation and we want to take that journey with Mr. Shastri to reach out to the young Indian male willing to build their skin routine. The millennial widely seeks to replicate the charming looks of their favorite idols and who better than Mr Ravi Shastri himself.”


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