Swimming Federation of India announces partnership with Australia’s Moregold Sports

Swimming Federation of India has announced a strategic tie-up with Australian sports education and consultancy firm Moregold Sports for swim coach education, development, and certification pathway. Moregold Sports’ advisory team will be the “Knowledge and Implementation Partner” for SFI to create and deliver a pathway for swim coach development on a par with the leading programme’s globally.

“The partnerships will be the corner stone in revolutionizing how competitive swim coaching is delivered in India. This is one of the key elements in the road map SFI has charted for the development of competitive swimming in India,” R N Jayaprakash, President, SFI. “This project has also received the approval and financial grant from FINA under the OASP support to NSF’s,” said Virendra Nanavati, Executive Director, SFI

Managing Director of Moregold Sports, Wayne Goldsmith said, “We are delighted to be working with SFI and with the swimming coaching community in India. We see this partnership as an outstanding initiative providing a world class coach education, development, and training opportunity for Indian swimming coaches: one which will lay the foundations for future generations of Indian swimmers to realize their potential.

“We are trying to build a strong foundation for the future, focusing on identifying talent at an early age. The partnership will help implement a long-term athlete development plan from junior to the elite level. We currently have four swimmers in the top 100 World U18 rankings, this shows we have no dearth of talent but we need to provide the right support and exposure to the existing talent while we go about adding to the list,” stated Monal Chokshi, Secretary General, SFI.

The Moregold Sports advisory team includes some outstanding and world renown swimming experts with more than 150 years of combined experience of working with swimmers, coaches and swimming education in Australia, the USA, the UK, South Africa and New Zealand.


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