Auro: Fitness & wellness has never looked better

The year 2020 can only be described as one thing; a rollercoaster that is jammed at the top of the drop and hasn’t come down yet. During the year, many businesses have seen an unfortunate turn for the worst, whilst others have sky-rocketed into success. The fitness and wellness startup app Auro, are a fine example of a small business that have leaped into the limelight with their sleek new rebrand.

Auro (pronounced “Or-oh’) is an intelligent audio fitness app, providing the masses with a holistic solution to all their wellness needs. The app is home to over 600 on-demand classes and personalised training plans, for at home, outdoors and the gym, all of which are guided by world-class trainers. Individuals can choose from 11 different categories, including outdoor runs, HIIT, strength training, treadmill, spin, meditation, yoga, sleep and more! All classes are also synced to killer music, but if that doesn’t rock your body user’s are able to listen to their own Spotify, Apple or Amazon Music playlists, whilst being guided by their trainer throughout. 

Auro’s CEO and Co-Founder Anta Pattabiraman quotes; “This year has brought about a lot of change and we understand just how easy it is to get lost in the ‘fitness-sphere’ if we don’t react to these changes and keep evolving. Not only are we a fitness product, providing high-quality personal training to the masses, but we’re also a wellness product; one that focuses on the physical body and the mental state of mind. Now more than ever, we’re seeing individuals seeking a solution that is versatile, varied and most importantly effective.”

“Our mission is to create a connected fitness and wellness experience by utilising AI personalisation, real empathetic trainers and a community that supports everyone, no matter what their goal is. The whole team felt that the first big change we needed to implement was a brand refresh and that’s exactly what we did.” 

Auro transitioned from a predominantly purple aesthetic to a warming coral, accompanied by turquoise; a colour which has many healing properties that affect the mind and body. Previously, the logo loosely represented Auro’s audio aspect, using circles as sound rings. But now, the logo uses curved lines to represent the flexible process of wellness, highlighting movement and direction to change. 

With a great new brand comes some even greater new features. Auro already have some really cool features including in-app run metrics, allowing user’s to track their speed, distance, elevation and route all from within the app; ability to connect a wearable device such as Apple Watch or heart rate monitor and hundreds of video guides to help user’s master their form. Keep your eyes peeled as they’re working up a treat that will be coming soon in 2021!
If you’re interested to learn more about Auro or you’ve already made the decision to start your free trial, visit their website here. And if you’re not totally in love, you can cancel your trial at any time, no strings attached – that’s the Auro way


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