GW Sports launches its e-commerce vertical

GW Sports App (Groundwala Sports Online) was started back in 2015 by Ankur Singh with the focus on solving a basic problem of finding a place to play. Soon sports enthusiasts in Hyderabad started using the service and were delighted by the first of its kind platform in the city. Gradually GW expanded its presence in Pune and Delhi. However, with similar startups coming up in different markets, GW decided to work hard in its small universe of Hyderabad and concentrated in engaging more with their existing users and provided related services. Hence over the last 5 years, apart from its sports venue aggregation model, GW also established itself in sports event management, trading of sports equipment & customized sportswear. 

Presently GW claims to have over 1 lac users on its website and mobile app and has partnered with over 400 sports venues in different cities of India and is a registered sports vendor of over 50 Large and medium MNCs. GW team has organized 100+ corporate sports events in the last 4 years.

With the forced shut down of the economy due to Covid-19 pandemic. Like all other small businesses, phones stopped ringing at GW’s office. The team got some time to work on the long-awaited project of starting a sporting goods e-commerce platform. Since the GW team was already dealing in product sales offline for their corporate clients, hence dealing it in a more simplified manner made sense. Recently an e-commerce platform was launched on its website. With this GW aims to establish itself as a one stop platform for all sporting needs of its customers.
  ‘All sports related businesses are hit hard by Covid-19 pandemic, and I believe that it is time to show the same resilience what each champion sports person shows on the playground’ said Ankur to bizbehindsports.


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