Sunil Chhetri joins Future Generali’s #healthyinsideout campaign

India football team captain and record scorer- Sunil Chhetri has joined 24 other influential personalities in promoting the #Healthinsideout campaign launched by Future Generali Insurance Solutions. The footballer joins personalities like Shilpa Shetty and Mandira Bedi among others to promote the campaign aimed to raise awareness about mental health. 

The campaign is to be rolled out in multiple phases and initially focuses on encouraging people to calculate their ‘Total Health Score’ which combines an individual’s physical and mental wellbeing. The selection of promoters who are perceived as ‘fit’ is a deliberate attempt to focus people’s minds towards overall health and not physical fitness alone. Chhetri scores 80% and highlights in their video that although physical fitness is paramount for sportspersons, “it is equally important to be mentally fit to take on pressures, expectations, injuries, and defeats.”

The Total Health Score (designed by psychologists and counselors) aims to identify early signs of mental health issues and makes self-care content accessible for those struggling with problems including, but not limited to, depression, anxiety and insomnia. As explained by senior officials from Future Generali, the score is a medium through which Indian’s recognize the equal importance of mental health through a quantifiable medium. The campaign comes at a time when the mention of mental health is still considered a taboo and most people, especially in rural sections, don’t consider the issue to be relevant. Thus, a message from supposedly fit personalities claiming to not be completely healthy allows for critical thinking towards the problem, thereby promoting health inside (mental) and out (physical).

Written- Aaryan Singh


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