SPEKTACOM  ropes in Smriti Mandhana  as brand ambassador

Spektacom Technologies has roped in Indian Women’s team’s one of the pioneer cricketer Smriti Mandhana as their brand ambassador. 

“Thrilled to partner with spektacom and use their revolutionary powerbat technology! T20 cricket is all about power hitting and the Spektacom powersticker will be invaluable in helping me understand my game better”Smriti Mandhana said on social media. 

The PowerBat technology from Spektacom uses an ultra-lightweight credit card sized sticker that can be easily pasted on the back of the bat to get real time feedback on batting performance, including data on bat speed, impact location, twist, and power. It enables professional cricketers to measure, monitor, and enhance their performance continuously.

Spektacom is trying to redefining sports and re-Imagining fan engagement through innovative sensor technology. Spektacom’s vision is to revolutionize the sporting experience by creating an ecosystem that engages fans, broadcasters, amateurs, coaches, and professionals through state-of-the-art smart products and technologies. High definition camera systems, embedded sensors, video analytics, artificial intelligence, video modelling, augmented reality, and more, are fundamentally changing the way sport is played and consumed. Spektacom’s products will define a new paradigm for performance analysis and fan engagement .


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