Kajal Aggarwal invests in the gaming start-up

Recently, Kajal Aggarwal, an Indian actress, has invested in Okie Gaming, a Mumbai-based gaming start-up and a self-funded subsidiary of Okie Ventures. The Mumbai- based gaming start-up was founded by Jitin Masand, and Okie Ventures is into commercial electronics. She has bought a 15% equity stake in the gaming start-up, leading to her becoming a board member of Okie Gaming. In the past, Kajal Aggarwal has been associated with Okie Ventures as their brand ambassador.

Kajal Aggarwal said, “The gaming industry is booming at this time, this is the right moment to be part of it. A passionate gamer myself, we hope to bring the finest user experience with our innovative and quirky games. With Okie Gaming, I also hope to influence and open new avenues for women gamers in India.”

Business Insider has stated that she will be assisting the Okie Gaming in its promotion, PR, marketing, and attract new users to the platform. Furthermore, her desire is to introduce more women into the gaming industry as developers, users and game’s protagonists. 

Expressing his delight, Jitin Masand, Managing Director of Okie Ventures, said, “We are excited to bring Kajal Aggarwal into the OKIE Gaming as a strategic investor. Kajal’s interest in gaming will help the platform to scale up the growth to a much high level. Kajal is an involved investor who will bring a unique set of ideas and insights to Okie Gaming.”

He also said that the gaming start-up will release 25 games. At the moment it includes the following games – Fantasy Cricket, Smart Housie, Ludo, Smart Number Quiz, Cricket and Smart Words. Furthermore, they are developing to introduce ‘Desi Sports League’ which includes Dahi Handi (Maharashtra) and Vallam Kali (boat racing, Kerala) by the end of December 2020.

The Desi Sports League is a new platform Okie Gaming is developing to launch games based on the tradition of each Indian state. In the same month, Okie Gaming will launch its gaming platform on Google Play Store and iOS.  By the end of March 2021, the gaming start-up is expecting to have 5 million downloads

Written – Mohit Edupuganti


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