Racketware Limited has established its Software Development Centre in India

Specializing in manufacturing motion-sensors for sports equipment on the strength of Artificial Intelligence, Racketware Limited, a Sports Tech organization based in the United Kingdom has inaugurated their Software Development Centre in Delhi, India. The software centre is fully incorporated in India and will be developing the required software to support the sensors manufactured by Racketware Limited.

Describing their goals, Shaurya Arun, Director Racketware India Private Limited said, “Racketware currently makes the world’s only motion sensor for squash and has a mission of becoming a global brand for making sports sensor. Hence, this development center in Delhi will be playing a key role in the development of software for Racketware as they’re in the process of expanding into other sports as well. 

“Due to the current situation all our employees will be working from home”, he added.

Dr Paul Mellor is the creator of the electronic motion-sensors, founder of Racketware and a squash player as well. With the assistance of artificial intelligence and motion-sensing technology, the product can record the vital metrics, namely, impact timing, impact speed, shot power, effort level, impact cut angle and much more. The goal is to examine a player’s actions and produce insights on their swing and on-court performance.  The technology has a distinct advantage over conventional video analysis since it can provide processed data and actionable insights to the players helping them to understand and improve their performance.  In the case of conventional video analysis, the person has to watch the entire video to extract insights and spot areas of improvement. The sensor sends the information to the mobile app which provides immediate feedback after recording each movement of the racket in real-time utilising the motion-sensing and artificial intelligence.An interview of Dr. Mellor, the founder, talking in detail about the product can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uM0_btRmEu8

Written – Mohit Edupuganti


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