a teenager’s contribution to chess world

Chess is one of the oldest board games in history. It has come a long way from being considered as a royal game played by nobles. Even during the pandemic when the sports world stood still, chess players found a way to continue their games online. In the midst of all the chaos a teenager from Haryana, Poorav Kadiyan created offers an FIDE rating prediction system for players based on their ratings on different websites such as, & Poorav’s entry to tech world was greatly inspired by Elon Musk.  He is an amateur chess player and is rated 1408 in FIDE rating. He also considers himself as a self taught data scientist, ML engineer and web developer. 

Being a chess player himself, Poorav was able to notice the shortcoming in Indian chess ecosystem and tried to come up with a solution to help part-time players ( those pursuing chess as a hobby ) to let them realize their potential by predicting their FIDE rating based on current ratings. He believes that his system will also help a player realize whether she/he is improving or not. 

The data used for the website is from public API’s of & Poorav boasts of having collected data of around three million players. It was also vital to remove the outlier’s which would have affected his algorithm. 


He has built nine ML models to calculate FIDE rating for the respective three websites. The fields used for prediction are as follows:

  1. Ratings ( Blitz rating / Bullet rating / Rapid rating )
  2. Games played
  3. Federation
  4. Age
  5. Title
  6. Gender

He has also provided the facility of auto-filling the details by providing players’ respective IDs.

Some of the experts in the field who used Poorav’s product were quite satisfied. ‘ is a platform for young chess players who want to know their expected ELO rating without playing a FIDE tournament. It provides 80-90% accuracy and can help young players and coaches equally know their strength and improvements area. The biggest benefit is to avoid any ELO rating downfall during non performance as a player easily get to know his / her performance and saves on time and money’; said Sachin Jain from Rohini Chess Academy.

‘ can be a good platform which can provide great support to players. Along with current factors the recent performance and continuity of player should be considered to get more accurate results’ said Ravidranath Jadhav, chess player.

The achievement of this 15 year old can be an inspiration to many more young talents. With precise guidance and support Poorav could achieve much more and make a positive change to Indian chess ecosystem

Written- Gaurav shinkar


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