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Owing to the growth of high-end Smartphone’s at reasonable prices, PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, Clash of Legends, Call of Duty Mobile and other console and FPS games like Valorant, CS:GO have changed the look of  Indian eSports. In this Year 2020 with COVID-19 pandemic, the usage of smart-phones among youth has increased. More opportunities and price money of every tournament in E-sports industry has caught the attention of everyone. Bizbehindsports had the opportunity to interview the founder of BlitzkriegXP, Alvin Dsouza to know more about the organization and the industry .Founded in June 2020 with headquarters in Mumbai, BlitzkriegXP is an E-sports company who give opportunities to new talents all over India. The company previously focused on PUBGM but now it is growing its reach to all the upcoming and popular games in E-sports scenario in India. With content, branded tools, innovations, integrations, and building inventive boot camps, BlitzkriegXP is helmed by three young passionate gamers with a mission to provide every E-sports lover with an organized platform and an experiential journey like never before. With its belief to do ‘whatever it takes’ the organization stands strong on the Passion, Determination and the will to push their limits

Please share the journey of BlitzkriegXP since its inception?

BXP, short for, BlitzkriegXP, is India’s first-ever experiential Esports organisation which kickstarted in June 2020 with a vision to become a premier international Esports organisation. In a rather unorganised gaming industry, BlitzkriegXP recognises the massive potential the industry bears and intends to take Indian gaming talent to extraordinary heights.  Soon after its inception, BlitzkriegXP hosted a data-driven PUBGM nationwide try-out that garnered massive traction and witnessed registration slots getting full in 5 mins! Currently, BXP has on-boarded two global brands namely Monster Energy and WD Black and is focusing on creating engaging content with the brands. We are also slated to announce 2 more powerful brand associations, very soon, with lots more in store for the community!

How do you foresee BXP’s future in this ESports industry?

At BlitzkriegXP, we recognise the importance of getting non-endemic brands on-board and synthesising seamless integration because the challenge is to ensure that a non-endemic brand collab does not come across as a force fit. Hence, creating unique IPs through partnerships will fuel growth and pave the way for bigger and more fruitful associations for the industry. We are also looking to make strategic investments in technology as it’s going to play a key role in growing Esports. In other exciting news, we are in the process of on-boarding a massive youth icon as the official brand ambassador for BlitzkriegXP to stir things up a little!

Ultimately, our vision is to command the international Esports scene and house some of the most talented rosters in India. Diversifying in terms of content for the community, training and building rosters across different games and eventually competing in the biggest Esports competitions in India and then the world is the plan for the BXP’s future

Recently BXP has partnered with Western Digital for Valorant Wednesday, tell us more about it.

Western Digital is one of the biggest global data storage solutions brands and it is a notable partnership both the firms have concurred upon. Our main goal is to create Intellectual properties and engagement ideas for the brands, thereby creating a platform for them to communicate with the audience through meaningful interactions and Valorant Wednesdays strives to serve just that. With a matching synergy between both the parties, we can foresee this partnership going a long way with more and more proprietary properties and engagement opportunities coming the audience’s way.

What are the coming tournaments BXP is looking to participate in?

BlitzkriegXP as of now is using a wait and watch strategy when it comes to the esports and competitive aspect. We will not be participating in any PUBG tournaments till the comeback is official as we respect and stand by the decision made by the Government of India. Having said that, we are in the process of scouting for talent and building rosters for other gaming titles while also patiently observing and waiting for other titles to gain critical momentum in order for us to invest.

How is BXP shaping up talents for the ESports industry? If you can share some thoughts on how young minds are taking esports as a career option?

We strictly believe that keeping the competitive aspect of gaming aside, there are multiple untouched opportunities for enthusiasts longing to make a career in esports. While dominating the battlefield, we believe our players can also capture the attention of their audience on various social media channels and engage with them in a more one-to-one format. Hence, we believe in getting our team opportunities to establish them as coveted esports athletes, both within the game and their outside lives as well. To shape up talents, certain details like discipline, on-screen behaviour, the ability to be a team player are also emphasized while grooming our team. The prestige and fortune are the primary reasons the youth is taking an immeasurable interest in making a career in esports and BlitzkriegXP strive to always keep exhibiting more reasons for the same. To further the esports career pad narrative, we are working on something exciting for the streaming community and hope to furnish streamers with a platform to make it big in esports!

What are your marketing strategies?

BXP’s marketing strategy is content first. We are heavily focusing on creating engaging and experiential content for the community and bolstering our branded integrations. We are also working on launching a couple of proprietary IPs across gaming titles that’s really going to contribute to building a sustainable gaming ecosystem, opening up a plethora of opportunities for the community at large. We stand to differentiate ourselves from the endless content clutter by making our streams more of an experiential encounter rather than a passive one-way stream format.

What do sponsors look for before partnering with an Esports company? 

Sponsors look for authentic ways to reach out to the community that translates to meaningful interaction. An esports organisation should stand to create unique and immersive content and resonate with a brand’s target group and provides the brand with a platform to seamlessly engage with the community. It is also important for Esports organisation to house talented and consistently well-performing rosters that command a strong fanbase and help sponsors reach out to their desired audience

What challenges do Esports face in India?

While Esports has significantly picked up in India and paved a solid future for itself, it still faces a bunch of issues that pose a hindrance to the growth of the ecosystem. There is a considerable lack of interest from game developers. Since the ban of PUBG Mobile, no other gaming title has quite picked up like PUBGM. Promising titles like Valorant and Call of Duty mobile have come up but yet, neither Riot games nor Activision has shown any interest in establishing an esports scenario in India. Moreover, currently, not all esports organizations follow the standards of legal procedures and formalities when it comes to roster building and maintenance. Players are poached easily, defaults in remuneration, device undertakings and frauds happening with players are very common in the Indian scene. At BXP, we strive to bring about that change and restore order so that there is a systematic change in the industry that benefits the community at large.

By Mohit Edupuganti


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