Overview of the year 2020 for LaLiga in India

the year 2020 has undoubtedly been the adaptation to the new normal situation created due the pandemic. Adapting to the so called “virtual life”, LaLiga showed major commitment towards fans in India throughout the year. Another notable achievement of 2020 has been the return of LaLiga and of professional football after the lockdown. Hard work and ambitious protocol of LaLiga and its clubs have been instrumental in bringing back action on field.

On 11 June 2020, LaLiga was one of the first leagues in the world to resume live football action as the fans in India enjoy the same exclusively on LaLiga Facebook Watch.

LaLiga also kept the fans entertained by providing content through social media, through various programming initiatives on Facebook Watch as various players spoke about the activities they have induldged into during lockdown and much more.  LaLiga Football Schools in India also actively invited different club coaches to talk to the students virtually by giving them institutional and training knowledge to keep them closer to the game.

Following the recommendations of the authorities in Spain, LaLiga matches returned behind closed doors with no fans in the stadiums, which meant that LaLiga also had to adapt new broadcasting innovations for which they partnered with media pro to enhance the viewership experience for the fans in the Indian subcontinent. Fans also had the option to listen to the real sound in the stadium during matches if they so desired.


  1. LaLiga celebrated its third anniversary in India: To celebrate their third year of existence in India, LaLiga organised a screening of the exciting Madrid derby, which was kept for the fans and dignitaries present at the celebration hosted by LaLiga India.
  1. LaLiga launched its first ever campaign with Rohit Sharma: LaLiga launched its first ever audio-visual  campaign in India to promote the league along with LaLiga brand ambassadors Rohit Sharma. In a minute long campaign film Rohit spoke to the fans and took them through the ethos of LaLiga i.e. discipline, pride, precisión and passion
  1. Rohit Sharma visited Spain to watch El Clasico: Ace cricketer and LaLiga brand ambassador Rohit Sharma was invited by LaLiga to watch the marquee clash between the traditional arch rivals Real Madrid and Barcelona. Rohit was also invited to a gala dinner where he met some of greatest men who have played the league
  1. LaLiga Football Schools provided e-training to students during the lockdown in India: LaLiga along with India on Track organized 60 sessions for over 1500 students from eight various cities across India.
  1. Bollywood Actor Esha Gupta turns out to be a LaLiga Fan: Bollywood actor, Esha Gupta revealed on social media that she is an ardent LaLiga fan as she shared anecdotes of her childhood in her conversation with media on the ways she loved LaLiga and its thrilling action. She also went ahead and tried to fit in roles for bollywood actors if they had to portray a certain footballer on celluloid.
  1. LaLiga witnessed a 72% increase in viewership in India: As the league restared in June and LaLiga came back in action, its viewership on Facebook Watch in India witnessed a staggering surge of 72%. Fans lapped up every bit of action which they got after a gap of almost three months. Impressions per post increased by 461% whereas the engagement per post for took a leap of 117%. Infact engagement per post and per million impressions increased by 38%. The trend is similar at global level but the increase in India was way above average.
  1. Programming Initiatives by LaLiga during Lockdown: Exclusive programmes were launched by LaLiga on Facebook Watch like ”LaLiga StayAtHome”, ”LaLiga Nations and ”LaLiga Clubs for football fans in the Indian subcontinent to keep them closer to the game. LaLiga in the Indian subcontinent has seen a great increase in impressions and engagement because of its association with Facebook largely due to the various content produced to keep the fans engaged.
  1. LaLiga India Ambassador and Legendary cricketer Rohit Sharma had a live candid conversation with football presenter Joe Morrison on LaLiga Facebook page:  In a light hearted virtual conversation, Rohit Sharma spoke about his lifestyle and the activities he has indulged in to keep himself occupied during lockdown. He also revealed that his focus was on fitness and family. He also shared interesting anecdotes from the Indian cricket dressing room about his team-mates.
  1. LaLiga Football Schools launched an online series: LaLiga Football Schools students got an opportunity to learn from the technical and institutional session with experts from LaLiga clubs such as Real Betis, Sevilla FC and Celta de Vigo. The session enabled students to learn about the rich heritage of these clubs.
  1. LaLiga Espace App for fan engagement in India and Bangladesh: LaLiga launched the ‘LaLiga eSpace app’ ahead of the marquee clash between Real Madrid and Barcelona. The app was launched so that the fans can have easy access to the history and the rich heritage of ElClassico along with interesting trivia.
  1. LaLiga collaborated with Instituto Cervantes for two new projects in India: LaLiga partnered with Instituto Cervantes New Delhi to familiarise students with the terminology used in Spanish football and LaLiga. Both the brands have collaborated to launch the digital weekly series “Learn Spanish with LaLiga and Instituto Cervantes”
  1. LaLiga rolled out a Red Carpet at the Red fort to promote the ElClasico fixture: In order to créate buzz for the much awaited fixture which was being played for the first time behind closed doors, a red carpet was rolled out by LaLiga at seven different inconic locations around the world including the historic Red Fort at New Delhi.

Jose Antonio Cachaza, Managing Director, LaLiga India said, “2020 has been a tough year. Both businesses and the societies have suffered at large. The fact that professional sports action was back, it gave an important message to the society as we overcame a huge challenge. There is a massive fan following for football in India and I believe this year to be a better one, so that we can continue to engage and dole out exciting content to our fans in order to bring the societies closer”


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