The GNLU Centre for Sports and Entertainment Law- Working for Sports Law in India

The Gujarat National Law University is one of the most esteemed law universities in the nation. With its various dedicated centres for different law disciplines, it has tried to provide as many niche subjects for its students as possible so they can go for their interested areas. The GNLU Centre for Sports and Entertainment Law (GCSEL) is the first university-based research centre which started in the year 2010. Since it’s inception the centre has successfully completed some path-breaking research and capacity building initiatives. The centre works

closely with government agencies, leading national and international sports lawyers, athletes

and various stakeholders in the domain of sports, under the guidance of Ms Niyati Pandey and Mr Tarun.

“Sports Law” is one of the most all-encompassing topics in both law and sports industry. Generally, the amalgamation of two huge sectors is bound to generate a lot of interest as the collective diaspora of the two industries comes together to work on it. Still, sports law, due to its scope being so wide, is often misrepresented. A serious lack of awareness regarding this disciple leads to misinformation which is all the more concerning since it is one of the leading aims of India to become a sports superpower. 

The GCSEL has been set-up to work towards the development of Sports Law and bridge this gap of misinformation. It has taken various notable initiatives in this regard- 

  • Research report titled Study on Sports Governance and Policy in India: Current Issues

and Challenges (funded by the Government of Gujarat)

  • Research report on Athlete Legal Education Programme (on-going) (funded by the

Government of Gujarat)

  • Sports Law Academy on Corruption in International Sports, 2018: the academy was

graced by Mr. Hayden Opie and Mr Laurent Vidal, who are internationally recognised experts in the area of sports law and policy.

  • Three Day Lecture Series on Rethinking Sports Governance and Autonomy in the

Post-COVID World, 2021: the lectures were taken by Mr Vidushpat Singhania,

Managing Partner, Krida Legal, Mr Dev Kumar Parmar, Principal Director, Parmars

and Prof. Richard McLaren OC, Western University, Ontario

The Centre has recently launched the GNLU Journal of Sports Law which has leading

national and international lawyers and academics in the area of sports law and policy like Ms

Aahna Mehrotra, Ms Namrata Chatterjee, Ms Genevieve Gordan, Prof Jonathan Merritt and

Mr Mahajan Vasudev Nair (to name a few) on its advisory board. Young sports lawyers like

Mr Deep Ray, Ms Apoorvi Jha, Ms Rashi Tater, Ms Rishika Mendiratta and Subhrajit

Chanda are on the review board. The journal will provide a platform to students, sports lawyers, policy experts and members from academics to express their analysis and opinions on contemporary issues and challenges the sports fraternity faces globally and especially domestically and what should be the course for improvement.

GCSEL will hope to be a pioneering initiative in the field of sports law. As more and more such initiatives keep popping up, there will be a hope that the field of sports law comes to the forefront of both, sports and law fields.