Gokulam Kerala FC and Kozhikode City Traffic Police to bring awareness on road safety

Gokulam Kerala FC will join hands with Kozhikode City Traffic Police to bring road safety awareness among the people in the city. The club will run campaigns with the city police through their social media pages to bring more awareness on safe driving practices.

The club will come up with five videos and a number of social media posts about road safety awareness during the campaign. The social media handles of Kozhikode Traffic Police will also share these videos and posts.

The awareness campaigns will be based on five themes – drunken driving, over speeding, importance of helmets and seat belts, and pedestrian safety. 

The club will also support the city traffic police’s campaign – Drive safe, save lives. The campaign will emphasise on the initiative of the traffic police to urge people to send photos of traffic violators to the commissioner’s office through the whatsapp number. 

“There is an overwhelming number of youngsters losing their lives due to road accidents. The civil society has a responsibility to ensure that these accidents don’t happen and we do not lose our loved ones to these mishaps. I see this association with Gokulam Kerala FC and Kozhikode city traffic police as a very constructive one that can usher in some changes among the youngsters of the city,” said AV George, the city police commissioner.

“Gokulam Kerala FC always emphasize on helping the community through community development programmes. We believe that associating with the traffic police on this campaign will bring more awareness among the youth about traffic rules and its importance. There are several people who love football in the city and we believe associating with the city traffic police will help to educate and bring awareness to a large set of people,” said GKFC Chairman Gokulam Gopalan.

Raju PK, the traffic AC, Kozhikode, met with the GKFC team and extended his full support in providing all the information necessary for the project.


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