The Squash Summit on 5th and 6th March 2021 by Sportageous

The Squash Summit is a first-of-its-kind conference for the squash fanatics organised by Sportageous, an Australia-based sports media platform. It is free of cost 2-day global, virtual conference scheduled on 5 March 2021 and 6 March 2021,

The purpose of The Squash Summit is to talk about the present and future of the game. The summit will have key experts from across the Squash world to discuss the future of the sport with respect to technology, innovations, accessibility and marketing. 

The virtual conference will allow squash professionals, administrators, coaches, players, fans, entrepreneurs and technologists from worldwide to interact, engage and discuss new ideas and potential collaborations to grow the game. Furthermore, there will be a diverse range of speakers to discuss topics that are essential for the development of the sport. Sportageous hopes to organize this summit annually and be the go-to conference for all squash-related debate, opinion and discussion.

The link of the summit –

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The line-up for the conference is as follows: 

  • Alex Gough, CEO of the Professional Squash Association 
  • Zena Wooldridge, President of the World Squash Federation
  • Robert Donaghue, CEO of Squash Australia
  • Sarah-Jane Perry, England no. 1 and PSA Women’s president
  • Alan Thatcher, Founder of World Squash Day and Squash 200
  • Carlos Schonenberg, Squash Para Todos 
  • Paul Mellor, Founder of Racketware 
  • Markos Kern, Founder of Multi-balls and interactiveSQUASH 
  • Maya Mibenge, Founder of Simply Squash 
  • Richard Bickers (Founder of Squash Levels) 
  • Maxim P Weithers, Squash Marketer and mental coach; and
  • The emcee, Kanzy El Defrawy, Former world 24 and Under Armour Athlete

The Squash Summit will have discussion on four key topics – 

  • The future of Squash
  • Squash in a post-COVID world
  • Women’s squash
  • Squash Technology

Sportageous has formed association with the PSA Foundation to raise funds for players during COVID-19 and 50% of all proceeding from the copper sponsorship for The Squash Summit will go to the Foundation’s We Are One Fund:

The sponsors of the event and its link are as follows – 

In addition, SportsMENTA are the mental health partners for the Summit. It is the first conference on sports and mental health in the Middle East.

Story by Mohit Edupuganti

For the details of the program, you can click on the below link – 


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