The rampant rise of the Fantasy sports industry in India, how DSG is turning out to be a game-changer

Less than a decade old, Indian fantasy sports market is exploding exponentially. As a matter of fact, the market is on the rise consistently, both in revenue and in the player base.

According to the FIFS-KPMG report, not even ten companies were operating in 2016. Today there are more than 140 fantasy sports providers in India. With the exponentially increasing numbers, the companies with specific market positioning and/or competitive advantage can only succeed. Both new arrivals and existing brands are battling to increase their market share. 

User engagement, quick settlement, and fantasy offering on multiple sports are driving factors, Sowbhagya Shetty, Chief Executive Officer at Data Sports Group, advances these thoughts as she reflects on the rise of the fantasy sports market in India. 

Data Sports Group is a leading provider of sports data solutions and has been supplying sports data in the Indian market for the past 3 years. Based in Berlin, DSG supplies content worldwide to fantasy sports operators, clubs, and media organizations.

Quicker Pay-outs & Automated Settlement

“No one does fantasy sports operators life easy, as we do” says Shetty. Several companies provide live game data and ball by ball data but Data Sports Group specializes in data validation and conflict resolution, she says. 

“Up to 90% of users queries and conflicts around match or player stats are directly resolved by DSG’s validation services which saves a lot of operational cost, time, and efforts for fantasy sports operators” 

These services eliminate the need for manual processing & verification by driving automated settlement using the data feeds, thereby reducing the operational cost for fantasy sports operators.  This crucially also helps operators in processing quicker pay-outs & settlements. “Quick settlement is particularly important for any fantasy sports operator, be it an established brand or a start-up. Users look for instant gratification and decreasing the turnaround time which drive better user engagement” Shetty added.  

Paving the way 

Data Sports Group covers more than 60,000 fixtures in a year across the globe, capturing numerous datasets per match, with its in-house data analysts analysing every game. Shetty stresses on the “team’s expertise” at the core of DSG’s business, which is also well known for its detailed player analysis, match previews and reviews, fantasy points analysis, and so on. Shetty states that “the company’s strategic goals are to extend value-added content services to fantasy sports operators to drive engagement” by providing direct access to live scores, data, video and news content. They are helping more than 25+ fantasy sports operators to drive engagement.

When the pandemic hit the world in March 2020 all sports was halted worldwide, eSports took spotlight in those months because official tournaments continued to play remotely. “Being one of the few full-play data service providers with a ready eSports catalogue we promptly catered to the data needs for our clients” she says. Helping clients to add multiple sports to offer and retain their user base even during pandemic made DSG the real game-changer.

DSG Differentiator 

“We offer feeds, widgets, editorial support and other options to ensure we have a solution suited to a customer’s need, technology and platforms” says Shetty. With unrivalled access to in-depth high-quality sports statistics and live scores in a unified format across all sports. DSG provides flexible, well-structured and customized feed integrations via XML & JSON pull services.

“We believe customized feeds help fantasy sports operators to speed up integration and ingest only content that is useful to them. It also helps them create unique and engaging game types”; Shetty says. “Smooth customer onboarding and support are our most important service values for our clients”. 

Data Sports Group offers more than 50 sports, its eventual goal is to cover every sport worldwide. “We have a lot of start-ups and development companies creating solutions using our database” says Shetty. 

Its vast data catalogue, tracking over 5000+ competitions allow clients to explore interesting use-cases. For example, there are clubs using its data services for preliminary scouting analysis and filtering player performances for several thousand players across world leagues. 

“There are a lot of exciting solutions being developed using DSG’s sports data and we see this an investment into the future working on exciting new projects across sports” she added

Looking further into the future, she believes DSG will be able to use its data collection and technology capabilities to expand into entire new areas of business within fantasy sports industry.

Shetty concludes “The Indian fantasy market has matured and rapidly gaining critical mass. New investment in various fantasy sports platforms and the rise in user engagement will keep this momentum in the coming years”.


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