Meneki Global Launches ElectroFizz Advanced BCAA in 2:1:1 Formula with Glutamine, Citrulline & Electrolyte Blend

Meneki Global, a sports/fitness and general wellness nutrition company has launched its advanced BCAA under ElectroFizz brand. With 7Gms of BCAA in the clinically studied ratio of 2:1:1 along with Glutamin, Citrulline and Electrolyte blend added to it, this product is a very potent workout companion to fuel your workouts by increasing muscle protein synthesis and promoting muscle repair and recovery.

Meneki is a Japanese term which means immunity and that’s also the genesis of the company Meneki Global which has been created to empower individuals to be better every day. It all started with coffee table conversations about the increasing focus on health and fitness around the globe. Though coming from diverse backgrounds but linked through a common thread of sports and fitness, the team rapidly agreed on making health a central theme of the brand. From there on, began a journey to work towards quality health products that have the potential to help individuals heal faster, get back to strength and focus on areas they are best at. Be it a fitness enthusiast aiming for superior body strength, an athlete striving for recovery from injury or individuals seeking for a healthy and confident approach to life, we aim to introduce solutions for a healthier tomorrow.

The Team

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The company offers a complete product range catering to Sports & Fitness (Pre-workout alternatives, Hydration Formulations, Post Workout recovery supplements), General Wellness & Immunity Building (Lean Protein, Supergreens, Meal Replacements, Immunity Boosters) and Kid’s Nutrition (Health Drink Powders, Electrolytes & Proteins).

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