HDOR, a testimonial to Phygital the new normal in the fitness ecosystem

Pre-COVID era, when on-ground running events were at an all-time high, two running enthusiasts had the vision to create the biggest running festival in India. An opportunity for runners to belong to a community from anywhere in the world. 

In 2015 with this belief, Tanvir Kazmi and Mayank Gupta launched 100 Days of Running (HDOR) with just a hundred participants. In 2020 despite the halt on our lives with the covid situation 16,000+ registered for the event, making it the biggest virtual running festival in the world. A feat, no virtual event has ever achieved, and that too, over a hundred days. This participation count is higher than almost 95% of on-ground running events in India. 

For us, the transition from year zero to now is a tremendous growth story, we are truly blessed. With the right combination of newer audiences every year and a cult fan base being built over the years, at the same time, this is only the beginning, said Tanvir Kazmi, Co-Founder – HDOR 

The beauty of this platform is that it engages and inspires an individual to make a lifestyle choice. 50000+ people have transformed their lives through this event and each year the number continues to grow. 

The success of this platform rests solely on its users, who in time have become de facto ambassadors to the event. And of course, organic amplification via social media gives it the necessary boost. Approximately 60% of runners finish the entire 100 days challenge without a day’s break and around 95%+ people finish more than 95 days. On average, this 95% only miss out on 2-4 days in total.

An interesting fact is more than 40% of participants are first-timers to running. Hence, 100 Days of Running can proudly claim to be a catalyst for the growth in the running industry and its expanding ecosystem. The impact of this program on the ecosystem is far bigger than one has ever thought of. It has changed the consumption patterns – from shoe purchases to nutrition products to gym memberships, apparel, run clubs, fitness schedules, and various other accessories that immensely contribute to the bottom-line economies of the industry. 

Today, it has opened up a new segment of sponsorship opportunities for brands as a mainstream marketing investment platform. 

“Brands can leverage this platform on multiple fronts; one is the longevity of association with the same captive audience who are highly immersed into a transformation phase in their lives. Six months of quality engagement – starting from registration to the post-event phase – with varied touchpoints. And second, exponential amplification opportunities via customer connect programs and contests throughout the campaign phase”, said, Vipin Nambiar, Business Consultant, HDOR.

“Brands who are invested in sports are looking for a longer window of engagement for an effective consumer mind-presence and productive ROI. A campaign period of 160-180 days would enable them to try out and expand their campaign dispersion with various customer-oriented programs” – Joseph Eapen, Sr. VP & Director – India, YouGov Sports

With more than 170-days of the campaign period for a brand to encash upon, global brands have experienced first-hand the value of being part of this new-age running platform. Adidas, Brooks, Fast & Up, Healthians, Garmin, Coros, TomTom Sports, FAST&UP, and GoDaddy have associated with 100 Days of Running in the past and current editions. 

An opportune time for a brand to entice its audience is at the beginning of habit formation. This allows them to be an integral part of the whole journey. And this is a personal involvement and progress is heavily complemented by UGC and the organic amplification generated throughout the campaign. 

Reiterating this, for the 2021 edition, Nivea joined hands with HDOR. Ajay Simha, Marketing Director, NIVEA India, said, “We will leverage this great opportunity to have a stronger product awareness through our new range of Nivea Men 42k by connecting with the right TG very personally. The uniqueness of this platform is ‘creating a habit formation for a long run’ and that resonates with the brand philosophy of Nivea Men 42k range of products and we see a great connect to engage with a like-minded audience.”

Kartik Shah, Country Head, Brooks India said, “Running is a well-adopted fitness activity in India and 100 Days of Running is a perfect opportunity for us to engage with the running community and to be a part of their fitness journey right from the beginning”.

Running and Cycling are the fastest-growing activities in the country. At HDOR, we have successfully executed more than 30 virtual events in the last year. We are at an inflection point now and with the right investments and a growth attitude along with the right partners we foresee exciting times ahead, concluded, Tanvir Kazmi. 


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