Adidas opens its First Sports Tech Hub office in India

Adidas has officially inaugurated the Adidas India Tech Hub office in Gurugram, New Delhi on Monday. The Indian Tech hub presents a unique value for Adidas, attracting and developing top tech and engineering talents to work on Adidas products and initiatives. The Gurgaon tech hub office will be the home to a local marketing organization and one of the Global Engineering Tech Hubs.

Another big milestone in our ambition to become a digital sports company, our Tech Hub in India finally opened the gates in the vibrant city of Gurgaon. Markus Rautert Senior Vice President Technology Enablement said

The new Adidas India Tech hub office is created by keeping the power of sports in mind with all the Adidas values and supporting the attitude of #immpossibleisnothing. Adidas believes that the Power of Sport program encourages individuals to step out of their comfort zone. Neeti Sharma, Senior Manager for Sales Academy Adidas said this – “Adidas has continued to give opportunities to create something new, empowering and entrusting me with greater responsibilities.”

This inclusion to the Indian market by Adidas will surely create a lot of employment opportunities for people with tech knowledge who also have a passion for sports.

Coming to office continues to be voluntary this year. Begin 2022, we have announced 60-40 WFH mode to ensure our people have a healthy balance of focussed time vis-à-vis face time. Neha Saluja Director of Engineering said


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