ITW Consulting steps into the audio content space with SoundWorx

 ITW, sports marketing and consulting firms is foraying into the audio content space through its latest offering – SoundWorx – a podcast which will be the first of its kind in India offering marketing, strategy and business insights drawn from the firm’s ringside seat of the world of sport and of business for over a decade. With a combination of sound, story and insightful information, ITW SoundWorx aims to reach out to a wide audience with a unique perspective in each episode, from telling the stories of some of the biggest brands and sports marketing milestones to exploring the latest industry trends and insights.

Driven by ITW’s expertise and experiences in sports consulting and management, this podcast will delve into the history of sports marketing, media and entertainment in India and across the world. “ITW has always been at the forefront of latest trends in sports and entertainment, and with an evolving media landscape we wanted to share our insights and learnings with a wider audience through the emerging medium of podcasts”, said Tareque Laskar, who serves as executive producer on the podcast and is the head of ITW’s research arm – ITW Core. With over a decade of experience being at the centre of action in sports consulting, ITW wanted to make use of this growing platform of audio content to explore stories which will help listeners navigate the industry. “Gen Z and the Millennial generation gather a lot of knowledge on the go and as a consequence consume a lot of content on multimedia including the audio format, which is why we thought a podcast would be a great way to disseminate the insights we have acquired over the years”, he added.

The podcast, which will be weekly in frequency, is slated to feature leading experts in the industry and will cover a broad range of topics including emerging trends such as talent management, digital marketing and the ever-evolving arena of sports broadcasting and sponsorship. The pilot episode released this week goes behind the scenes of one of the biggest stories of sports marketing in the 21st Century – how Nike went from making basketball sneakers and running shoes to dominate the grandest field of them all – global football – and in the process, it changed the sports sponsorship landscape forever. It all begins with the world’s most well-known footballer back in 1970 and the story traces all the major developments until the recent Euro 2020.

The first episode of the podcast can be heard by clicking the below link:

ITW SoundWorx is now available on all leading podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Gaana, Spotify and PocketCasts.


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