Wicked Technology releases BirdieBeast, an automatic badminton shuttle shooting machine

Wicked Technology, a sportstech start-up with a vision to enhance the sports training ecosystem has launched an automatic badminton shuttle shooting machine, named BirdieBeast. 

BirdieBeast is their first product, created for badminton. BirdieBeast, completely made in India, can hold 100 shuttles at a time and is capable of shooting at a fixed point as well as randomly shooting anywhere on the court. BirdieBeast is also capable of shooting smashes and drives, there a couple of other modes as well which makes it a great product for complete training. BirdieBeast can shoot 30 shuttles in fixed and 22 shuttles in the random mode. 

The founders say “We have observed that there is a lack of tech equipment in our nation, most of the products need to be imported and are of high cost. We aim to bridge this gap by creating multiple products such as the BirdieBeast. Our products bring value to the athlete as well as the coaches and the academy. Our next aim is to develop a similar machine for football and table tennis. Apart from these machines we also have other unique products in mind.”

Ankit Mittal and Kundan Mishra, engineering graduates, both having a passion for entrepreneurship dived into the ecosystem from college itself. Both have the experience of being a part of core teams and leading them in areas such as tech development, marketing, business development, supply chain and distribution. 

Ankit Mittal and Kundan Mishra

Next, on their target are football and table tennis machines. Apart from these machines, they are also working on other unique products.


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