ESPNcricinfo launches natural language search tool AskCricinfo service

Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world and its 2.5 billion fans have an insatiable appetite for stats and trivia about matches and players. Querying that massive volume of cricket data just became easy with this innovative application from ESPNcricinfo. The AskCricinfo service will enable fans to simply ask natural language questions (typed or spoken) to get answers. For instance, one can ask, “which team hit most  sixes in power play in IPL 2021?” or “Which wicketkeeper took the most catches in PSL 2021?”  

ESPNcricinfo adds to its list of innovations by launching the first phase of the “AskCricinfo” service, a natural language search tool on query for all T20 stats including tournaments like  IPL, BBL, CPL, PSL, T20 Blast, BPL, T20 Internationals and Women’s T20 internationals that  will democratize access to cricket stats allowing even a casual fan to get deep stats by just  “asking” in English language (through text or voice). This is the first step towards the vision of  offering a rich tool to cricket fans globally that can answer on query any data stats through text  and voice. While starting with T20s, over time AskCricinfo service would cover all other formats  of the game. Fans can experience the new service at 

ESPNcricinfo with its reliable global data and editorial operations built over decades, partnered  with AskHereFirst, which is founded by Prof. Vishal Misra, also the co-founder of Cricinfo, to  conceptualize and launch the first phase of this innovative application. The application leverages  the deep statistical database of Cricinfo built over the years – Statsguru and using capabilities  of AI platform. Along with plans to add in advanced query options in future, besides search query  capability in other languages, Prof. Vishal Misra will be working closely with ESPNcricinfo Editor  – Sambit Bal and the team to make it a compelling offering on ESPNcricinfo. 

AskCricinfo service lets a fan win a banter, become a cricket geek, or pretend to be one, and  above all – love cricket even more.  

According to Sambit Bal, Editor-in-chief ESPNcricinfo “This is the first step towards what could be  significant in making cricket stats accessible on demand. ESPNcricinfo’s Statsguru has been the  default stats query tool for professionals and stats enthusiasts for years, but AskCricinfo is an  attempt to unlock our data vault for everyone. It is very much a work in progress, and it cannot  yet answer everything, but like all tools powered by artificial intelligence it will get better and better  with use. Therefore, we urge cricket fans to use it in the spirit of collaboration, and of course, for  fun.” 

For Prof. Misra, the AskCricinfo natural search marks a return to ESPNcricinfo, where he was part  of the co-founding team. “The AskCricinfo natural search is one of a kind and is based on a  major technological innovation. Nothing like this exists for any online service, much less for a  sport or for cricket.” 

Commenting on the release, Ramesh Kumar, VP & Head of ESPN India & South Asia said, “The  vision for AskCricinfo is to be the one-stop companion application for cricket fans, gamers,  players, analysts and officials to query for data insights and any information on cricket. We have  made a small beginning of this with the launch of the first phase of the product offering, and in the  coming months, will be building additional features in this application, besides advanced querying  capabilities. Fans will have unrestricted access to use this service for a limited period and we will  be making strategic partnerships with other platforms to ensure as wide a reach for this.” 

ESPNcricinfo will have exclusive placements for fans to access this service. Users can access  the AskCricinfo application on the ESPNcricinfo website or through the ESPNcricinfo App, which  is available on both iOS, and Android Play Store. Fans can click here to know how it works.


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