Spektacom Announces Prelaunch of its Flagship PowerBat Sensor for Cricket Enthusiasts

Anil Kumble’s technology start-up, Spektacom has announced the Pre Launch of its PowerBat Sensor for cricket lovers in India. This Made-in-India, IoT and ML driven PowerBat technology brings a new dimension to the way batting performance can be analysed by players and coaches. It uses an ultra-lightweight compact sensor sticker (PowerSticker) that can be easily placed on the back of the bat to get real time feedback on batting performance, including data on bat speed, timing, twist, swing angles and power.

Know more about the PowerSticker at https://bit.ly/30mCaHs

This limited Prelaunch sale also comes with a special offer of 1 Year Free PRO subscription plan for its customers. Apart from the default free plan features like live access to basic parameters and video recording, the PRO plan also includes insights into bat swing angles, ball impact analysis, and ball-by-ball analysis.

PowerBat technology was initially used in the 2019 Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL), during live match broadcast, the first such instance in world cricket. The technology was also used in the pre-match segment “Cricket Live” of Star Sports for “PowerShot Challenge” contest during IPL 2020 – a matchup between the biggest power hitters from multiple IPL franchises. The technology has been used by many international players and evaluated by many cricket-governing bodies and academies, across the world. 

PowerBat tech uses advanced sensors and machine learning models to provide relevant and contextual insights into batting performance. Once the PowerSticker is placed on the bat, all the batting data and insights can be analysed through the PowerBat mobile App.

PowerSticker Unboxing and Setup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HakvQ0_m9UM

What metrics are measured during batting?

Currently, Spektacom’s PowerBat tech measures the following metrics during the impact of the bat with the ball.

  • Bat Speed (km/hr)
  • Timing (%)
  • Bat Twist in hand (°)
  • Power (Spek – proprietary unit)
  • Backlift Angle (°)
  • Downswing Angle (°)
  • Bat Launch Angle (°)
  • Follow-through Angle (°)


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