Invictus Performance Lab, in collaboration with APA Training Systems, introducing its educational workshop on “Athlete Performance” on 18th Dec

Specialized sports performance training  focuses on getting athletes ready for the specific demands of a sport. At the Tokyo Olympics, we witnessed a superlative performance by the Indian hockey teams, largely owing to the improvement in physical preparedness and holistic athletic development. Wayne & Robin (Athlete Performance Authority) played a pivotal role in bringing home a Bronze Medal and reinstating India as a driving force in International Hockey. 

Athlete Performance Authority and Invictus Performance Lab collaborate for their first athletic performance workshop, combining more than 40 years of professional working experience, to deliver a world class workshop on elite athlete preparation. 

We will show you exclusive content ranging from Olympic preparation, to a Scientific paper on Force, Velocity & Power profiles for youth badminton players (funded by the Badminton World Federation) and an insight on the Essentials of dryland training for youth swimmers – bringing about an integrated model of performance.

This workshop will educate people on what it takes to elevate one’s sporting performance to the next level. This virtual workshop is scheduled for 18th December ’21 at 10 a.m. IST with our  speakers:

Wayne Lombard, Athletic Performance Specialist, Co-founder of APA Training Systems

Robin Arkell, Athletic Performance Specialist, Co- founder of APA Training Systems

Rohan Mathew, Performance Coach, Founder of Invictus Performance Lab

Sankrit Harimohan, Performance Coach, Invictus Performance Lab