Plaeto Ropes in Golfer Asmitha Sathish as its Brand Athlete

Footwear brand Plaeto has roped in professional golfer Asmitha Sathish as its brand athlete. As part of the collaboration, Sathish will be using Plaeto shoes for various activities including her training sessions and will be the ambassador for creating awareness about the relationship between good foot health, active play, and overall growth and well-being for children.

For Ravi Kallayil, CEO and co-founder, Plaeto, having represented India at several international golf tournaments at such a young age, Sathish’s inspires aspiring sportspersons as well as adolescents and teenagers across the country. “We need more icons like her to encourage children to pursue active, outdoor play, especially in today’s world as we recover from the pandemic experience. It’s important that we provide children with an environment that promotes physical activity,” he stated

I started playing golf while I was an adolescent, Sathish said. “I remember spending hours with my parents to find the right golf equipment, accessories, and the shoes. Nothing compensates for the passion a sportsperson has for his or her game, the right pair of shoes definitely makes the journey a lot more comfortable, and more importantly, safe. Even today, most children across middle-class Indian homes struggle to access such footwear. I am glad that Plaeto is transforming the footwear experience for children. It is a step in India’s journey to an active and healthy lifestyle for its youth, including aspiring professional sportspersons,” she added. Last year, Plaeto had announced Rahul Dravid, India cricket coach, as its brand ambassador and strategic advisor. The current announcement is in line with the brand’s efforts to make a positive impact in the lives of children.


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