Rohit Sharma launches his first personal NFT on FanCraze

Rohit Sharma, today, announced his first personal NFT, which will be dropping later this week on FanCraze. The NFT contains an artwork of a Rhino along with Rohit’s image, personalized with an autograph. Rohit has always lent his voice to conservation and spoken about various social causes. This NFT raises awareness on the conservation of the Great One-Horned Rhinoceros.
“It is special for me to take a cause so close to my heart into newer mediums to raise awareness,” said the Hitman Rohit Sharma, who is exclusively managed by RISE Worldwide, India’s largest sports and entertainment Company. “We all need to work towards leaving a better world behind, and the NFT with FanCraze will give fans the opportunity to own unique artwork and spread the word around the “#Rohit4Rhinos’ campaign,” he added.
“FanCraze is excited to debut its collection of Player NFTs with Rohit Sharma as he sets the benchmark for cricket fans to engage with the next generation of sports-based assets and experiences”, said Anshum Bhambri, CEO of FanCraze. “It is remarkable that, with his first personal NFT, Rohit is leveraging this disruptive product to create awareness for the ‘Rohit4Rhinos’ campaign. This is just the beginning of what is possible if one combines creators, content, and commerce.”
FanCraze is building the official cricket NFT ecosystem that would enable fans to collect cricket NFTs, engage with play-to-earn games and utilities, and own digital land. FanCraze’s marketplace went live in early February and has already recorded millions of dollars in revenue while it is still in early beta.  The company’s current partners include the ICC, Cricket West Indies (CWI), and a number of yet-unannounced marquee teams, leagues and cricket stars that give the company an NFT portfolio of more than 20,000 cricketers.
Over the years, Rohit Sharma has used art as a medium to communicate to the world. From wearing specially designed shoes featuring artwork to social media, Rohit has been steadfast in supporting and inspiring the world to do more. Rohit Sharma launched the ‘Rohit4Rhinos’ campaign in 2015, in partnership with WWF India and Animal Planet. In the past, Rohit has taken a unique approach to speak up about the cause – in his team’s IPL 2021 opener, he wore shoes with the message ‘Save the Rhino’.


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