Pintola announces a collaboration with Sunil Chhetri

Sunil Chhetri the great football player and Captain of the Indian Football team has announced a collaboration with the popular superfood brand Pintola. Pintola, a home-grown brand rooted in its values and commitment to offering world-quality goods, is one of the leading nut butter brands in the country today, offering the widest range of nut butter. Furthermore, after only 10 years in the market, the brand has risen to the top in its category in terms of online sales across e-commerce platforms.

Pintola is the best-selling Indian peanut butter brand on the internet, and it has helped to promote American food in the country. The brand claims that its peanut butter is ideal for consumers searching for a low-cost source of high-quality protein to include in their daily diet, particularly breakfast. Moreover, it claims that eating Peanut Butter makes them feel fuller, aiding with hunger pangs and, as a result, weight management.

 Mr. Anand (Owner of) Pintola expressed his joy at the collaboration, saying, “Sunil Chhetri and Pintola embody similar values of rootedness, perfection, consistency, and performance, and most importantly, spreading the notion of a healthy India to this generation.” Mr. Chhetri personifies consistency, and our brand is dedicated to helping the country to stay consistent on their fitness journey and, as a result, become the best version of themselves, and who better than Mr. Chhetri, who has been the best soccer player in the country for nearly two decades now.

Mr. Chhetri’s “no compromise attitude” is an inspiration to many; similarly, at Pintola, we believe in making no compromises when it comes to providing a world-class range of natural nut butter.

Notably, this would be Sunil Chhetri’s first collaboration with an FMCG brand in India. Sunil Chhetri expressed his thoughts on the collaboration, saying, “It is a joy to associate with Pintola for their natural and organic nut butter range.” As an athlete, I am very conscious of my associations and what I represent in terms of health and fitness, as this is something I take very seriously.

 My management team visited the Pintola manufacturing factory in Himmatnagar and had nothing but positive things to say about the quality and standards. Associating with Pintola was an easy decision considering what they have accomplished through high-quality, healthy, organic, and natural goods.”

 Pintola and Sunil Chhetri’s collaboration will increase the country’s healthy eating options, adding sports enthusiasts to its existing wide consumer base.

 Pintola has a premium basket size of 21 products and plans to serve 100 million consumers shortly.


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