KP Group ropes in Munaf Patel as brand ambassador

Gujarat-based KP Group, a renewable energy player, has roped in former Team India fast bowler Munaf Patel as its brand ambassador.

“We are happy to welcome Munaf Patel, who was the fastest Indian bowler of his time, to the KP Family. Despite coming from a small village and a humble background, Munaf played at the highest level for many years. He has worked hard and because of his continuous dedication to the game, he is an inspiration to many. He has been taking part in various activities of KP Group for some time, but he is now officially a part of the KP Group and a renewable energy warrior,” said Faruk Patel, CMD of KP Group. “I am thrilled to become the brand ambassador of KP Group, which has emerged as a leader in both wind and solar energy. KP Group CMD Faruk Patel is a man with a vision and aims to make maximum contribution to help the country achieve its renewable energy targets and mitigate the impact of climate change by conserving the environment. I am also impressed with KP Group and Farukbhai’s commitment to supporting various social welfare causes. Farukbhai is considered as anidol in our community and I consider it my privilege to be associated with him,” said Munaf.

“Incidentally, Munaf’s story is very similar to that of KP Group. Like Munaf, who overcame all the odds to play for India, KP Group also had humble beginnings. Faruk Patel laid the foundation of KP Group with his savings of Rs. 1 lakh in 1994. Today, KP Group spans 34 companies, of which two are publicly traded,” the company said.


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